Corporate Social Responsibility

According to our core values, we seed back appropriately at our level into local communities.
We honor the value creation; we make sure we do not reap the very edge of the harvest and respect the creation.



Dare to seed and grow talents

- Vincent Klein, Founder & CEO


Everop is funding four projects in Burkina-faso in the dioceses of Kaya.

EDUCATION & CULTUREBuilding a secondary school complex
Together with the diocese of KAYA, we are currently developing and co-funding a Christian School for 500 students. This institution will be open to the local population and will seek to have a long-lasting inclusive impact on the community. Through this initiative, we aim to provide a suitable environment for talent to emerge and benefit the local ecosystem in the long run.
WATER ACCESSFinancing water pumps
We have co-funded water well with a manual pump in the village of Bokin. For the community, this is the first access to groundwater. This new infrastructure has dramatically changed the daily life of women while guaranteeing clear and safe drinking water for the population and creating a new community gathering.
ELECTRICITY ACCESS - Providing solar-powered study lights to student
In rural areas of Burkina Faso, children can only study with daylight. We are testing a solution which would bring light back to the home through a LED light pendant. The electric light would provide a safe school trip back and bring light in the house for evening studies and warm family life.
ENTREPRENEURSHIP.Sponsoring microcredit loans
We have made our first investment into microcredit by providing 100 volunteer women in the village of Bokin with loans. The entrepreneurial mindset and spirit are amazing and fruitful.